Loft Access Hatches
Loft Access Solutions
If you are lucky enough to have a hatch that hinges downwards and is at least 41cm wide x 50cm long, then some of our ladders will work without further work, subject to stowage/clearance area.

However, most homes have either a wooden or plastic insulated panel that pushes up into the loft. If this is the case, then we will need to either supply a board to hinge down, or replace with a modern plastic insulated 'hinge down' hatch.  We can also increase the size of your hatch if required, or even cut a new one in a more suitable location.

Supplying & fitting a hinge down board and trimming to suit - from 60.00. (Will require painting by customer.)

Supplying & fitting a modern insulated plastic hatch - from 95.00 (ceiling aperture size of 726mm x 566mm) to replace existing push up plastic hatch.

Increasing hatch size to suit plastic insulated hatch and supply of hatch for a plasterboard ceiling - 130.00  (if lath and plaster ceiling 175.00)

We can increase or create new hatches to larger sizes if required. Price upon survey, but typically 150 - 200.
Typical wooden hatch being opened with supplied pole
Modern, insulated plastic hatch
Modern insulated hatch being opened with supplied pole
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